2017 – Tom Goodliffe’s Coffee Run

tom goodliffe_0099_photo by steve ullathorne

I really like coffee. How much? Well… enough to accept my wife’s ridiculous challenge to buy a coffee at all the cafes on the London Specialty Coffee Map IN ONE DAY! If I won, she’d buy all the coffee for a year (that’s a lot, and I planned to buy the good stuff!). If I lost, I had to give up coffee for a year. Dang!

How did I get on? You’ll just have to come and see the show. And along the way, you’ll hear about how coffee was discovered, why coffee is WAY better than tea, and much more.

See me (almost) every day at the Edinburgh Fringe: 2.50pm at the Underbelly Med Quad. All ticketholders get a FREE cup of Union Hand-Roasted COFFEE!

BOOK TICKETS NOW by clicking here.

Would you like to see my show in your cafe? Me too! Get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

Are you in the coffee business? The show is available for corporate bookings at affordable rates. Contact me here.


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