2011 – Tom Goodliffe: The Good Liffe

2011 – The Good Liffe

Thanks to everyone who came to see my show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. I had a great time and most audiences seemed to as well!
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In the mean time, here’s some press bits and pieces and more info on the show…

“You’ll struggle to find better value for money than this wonderfully upbeat hour of stand-up from self-proclaimed nerd and all-round nice guy, Tom Goodliffe… charming, intelligent wit that always evokes laughs… one of the best fivers you could spend this Fringe. ****” – ThreeWeeks

“a strong storyteller with a good sense of structure and his vignettes are funny and authentic… fills the audience with a blast of optimism.” – The Skinny

“this accountant-turned-stand-up’s material is as sharp as a tax dodge… he might have a hit on his hands.” – The Scotsman

“wickedly insightful and instantly likeable personality. Lauded for his comfortable stage presence and offbeat observational comedy, solo debutant Goodliffe could be one to watch in 2011.” – Fest

“Goodliffe’s affable manner gets the audience on his side quickly, and there are some real gems to be found… Goodliffe’s self-effacing humour is easy to enjoy, and there are some stand-out moments of sharp humour in this pleasant tale about one man’s quest for happiness.” – FringeGuru

“Tom Goodliffe has heard it all before: that he is cute, lovely, friendly, charming, adorable and sweet. And so he proves to be – a good-natured comedian in the vein of Jarlath Regan or even Adam Hills; one who smiles, laughs and grins the whole way through his routine. Of course, charm alone isn’t enough if the material isn’t up to scratch, but thankfully Goodliffe is also funny.” – Hairline

Tom Goodliffe: The Good Liffe

Award-winning comedian and management accountant Tom spent years in a job he didn’t like, to buy things he didn’t need to impress friends he didn’t have.
Rapidly approaching 30, he had spent the last few years thinking too much and living too little. This is what he did next.

Tom Goodliffe, star of the Pleasance Comedy Reserve 2010, presents his highly-anticipated debut solo show about life, love and living the dream. Expect spreadsheets.

‘It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities’ – Dumbledore.

Here’s a clip from one of my previews… see what happens half way through!

Finally, thanks to various comedy and accounting tweeters for plugging my show, including @jw_smith, @bbccomedy, @PLPod, @standupmaths, @helenarney, @AccountingWEBuk, @OneAccounting, @BookMarkLee, @Goonerreed and many others.

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