Comedian and political activist Chris Coltrane talks pen-pals, anime and Nintendo – Fixated podcast episode 2


It’s the second episode of Fixated and my buddy Chris Coltrane takes a break from stand-up comedy and political activism to tell me all about his many pen pals (but not keyboard kompadres), enlighten me about anime (but not anim-b) and reveals just how good he was at Nintendo (but not Nintendon’t… well, that got out of hand) back in the early nineties. If only I’d known he was less than 20 miles away from me at the time, I’d have challenged him to a game of Mario Kart battle modes!

Chris is on twitter @chris_coltrane and his website is here. Go there to get free downloads of his past solo stand-up shows and to find out all about Lolitics, his live political comedy night which is also a podcast. A pod-what? Yeah, me neither. Never heard of them.

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